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10 Oct 2012
Twitter / berkeleyrep
berkeleyrep: Brian Ellingsen and his double bass bring music to "An Iliad:"
10 Oct 2012
Twitter / berkeleyrep
berkeleyrep: Brian Ellingsen and his double bass bring music to "An Iliad:"
6 Nov 2011
E L L I O T T   C A R T E R Sonata for Cello and Piano Nicholas Trygstad , cello Lin Tung, pianoMay 7, 2003venue unknown160 kbs mp3 (no re-encoding) Figment for solo cello Anita Leuzinger July 11, 2008Miller Recital HallManhattan Scho...
3 Sep 2011
Carter: Figment III Play
Ellingsen: Intuitive Play
Henze: S. Biagio 9 Augusto Ore 1207 Play
Druckman: Valentine Play
Buide: Verse Play
26 Jul 2011
With summer festivals across the globe, many New York City musicians detox from the daily urban grind with some music making on the countryside. Ensemble ACJW is no different. Last week I had the privilege of playing Schubert’s “Trout” Quinte...
5 Jun 2011
Last October, Nathan Schram was giddy with anticipation. He was only a year out of Indiana University and he'd just joined a prestigious program, designed to help classical musicians like himself take on the challenges of building a 21st-century c...
29 Apr 2011
Fellow Toni Marie Marchioni answers the ultimate question in The Juilliard Journal: "What's Ensemble ACJW, exactly?" The answer involves a lot of big ideas, great music, and teaching excellence.
12 Apr 2011
This group of hand-selected graduates from major conservatories receives mentoring and professional development while working as music teachers in New York City Public Schools. ACJW members play Steampunk, a new piece composed for them by David Br...
4 Apr 2011
The Academy is more than a collection of talented young musicians who put on great concerts in venues across New York City. We’re also an enthusiastic group of arts advocates and teachers who believe that to be a musician in the 21st century...

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Carter: Figment III
Ellingsen: Intuitive
Henze: S. Biagio 9 Augusto Ore 1207
Druckman: Valentine
Buide: Verse

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